Napa Valley to Ukraine by SLA Systems

Napa Valley To Ukraine

We provided a responsive WordPress website with links to Social Media, Paypal, Eventbrite, Signup Genius, and a local bank.

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    • Wordpress, Social Media, Paypal, Eventbrite, Signup Genius, SEO

The client needed a website – fast! This website was created and live within a few days to support a local family’s effort to raise funds for Ukraine. Within a week, a full scale benefit concert was conceived and planned for 3 weeks later! Even though the benefit concert was a short-term venture, the website drove ticket sales, advertised the event, bands and vendors, and publicly acknowledges the donors.  The website will live on to collect donations for Ukraine and to tell the stories of Ukraine as long as necessary. (We collected over $100,000 at the April 3, 2022 Napa Valley 2 Ukraine Benefit Concert)

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