E-Commerce – Is it Worth It?

SLA Systesm develops E-Comemerce platforms

The small business person may wonder why they need an E-Commerce website to sell their product.  They may have a very short time window for sales, the sale period may be seasonal, they may only have one or two products.  And they may be used to handling it all themselves through a pad of paper and a pencil, or a spreadsheet.  They may enjoy the daily trips to the Post Office.  They don’t think they “need” an E-Commerce website – they may not even have a website!

BUT, a simple E-Commerce website is worth it’s weight in gold.  It takes care of all the nitty gritty details.  It can track the proper sales tax to use based on who purchases the item.  It can generate postage based on the purchases.  It can provide customer contact details and sales details.  It allows the owner to set up limited sales promotions by calendar dates.  It allows pre-sales.  It allows a variety of payment methods: checks, credit cards or PayPal, for example.  It can be connected to various Social Media sites.

An E-Commerce website lets the business owner spend more time on other concerns.  Perhaps developing a new product, or expanding the current business.   An E-Commerce website, if set up properly, is a tool which sells 24 hours and frees up valuable time for the business owner, while providing a professional sales experience for the ever-growing digital world.

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