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Search Engine Optimization has changed dramatically over the last 15 years.  Google set the standards long ago, and continue to set the standards.  We want your website to show up within the first few pages of search results – and hopefully, at the very top.

Depending on the business you are in, it can be simple or almost impossible to show up near the top – for free.  You can always invest in fee-paying techniques to get your website to be at the top – but unless you have a large advertising budget, it’s likely that you will want to find another way.

There are a few basics that have always been true and will remain true:  website code must be error free, the domain name should contain a key search term, content must contain terms which are likely to be used in a search for your business or product,  internal title and description fields should contain relevant search terms, special files to facilitate search engine robots should be provided, and the website should be registered and submitted to the major search engines.Search Engine Optimization Process

Beyond these basics, there is more research and analysis that can be done to fine-tune website content and configuration.  There are tools available to track how each of your website pages is performing and how your site is performing overall.  SEO Performance tuning can be quite involved.


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